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Automated Solutions

Vertical Lift Modules
Our custom-designed automated Vertical Lift Module (VLM) solutions are tailored to your needs. It ensures dynamic and efficient self-supporting solutions to increase your operational efficiency, maximize storage and reduce errors.

Armes maini


Vertical storage

Utilizes the height available in the warehouse and offers maximum storage in a given floor space.

Automated Retrievals

Reduces manual labour and speeds up the picking and put-away process.

Inventory control

Can be easily integrated with customer’s existing ERP systems for seamless real time inventory tracking and order fulfilments. Avoids stock out & overstock situations.


The system is designed keeping the operator in mind and the items in trays are delivered at an ergonomic height so they operator fatigue is minimum.

Access control

Armes Maini VLMs are programmable for multiple users in a single machine, offering access only to user’s allocated trays. Access control and user authentication features ensure enhanced security of the system.


Armes Maini offers various Annual Maintenance contract for the VLMs so our customers can be rest assured about high system availability at all times.



Most efficient storage system for high value parts and where zero error is the norm.


In Manufacturing assembly lines for storage of tools components ensuring quick and on time availability for production.


Pharma & Healthcare sector for clean room applications.


Aerospace industries ensures inventory accuracy of high value parts.


Electronics industries for storage of circuit boards and for clean room applications.