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Armes Maini helped double the existing storage capacity and reduced the turnaround time per order with tailor-made solutions

Armes maini

Client Requirement

Operating in the e-commerce space, the client prioritised optimising productivity and efficiency in sorting operations. The need of the hour was to make effective use of warehouse space by adding an additional floor to mount their sortation systems and conveyors.


The chosen product for this project was the Armes Maini Amezz (LSM8 Mezzanine Floor System). This system offers a comprehensive solution for creating a robust mezzanine floor that can withstand dynamic loads and seismic conditions.

The total area covered by the mezzanine floor was 22,700 square feet, providing ample space for the sortation systems and conveyors.

The Solution

AMezz offered a more efficient layout by dividing the sortation process onto the first floor, leading to optimised utilisation of warehouse space.

To meet the client's requirements, we implemented the system, specifically designed to handle seismic and dynamic loading conditions. This system is ideal for industrial applications such as sortation systems.

In anticipation of potential obstacles, such as sensor jams caused by slight vibrations, we took proactive measures to keep vibrations to an absolute minimum so the conveyor system could operate smoothly.

By improving the flooring and creating a highly stable base, we significantly minimised vibrations to ensure smooth operations.

Key features of Armes Maini Amezz

Robust design

The system is engineered to minimise vibrations under dynamic loading conditions. This feature ensures the smooth operation of the sortation systems and prevents any disruptions or malfunctions caused by excessive vibrations.

Modular configuration

The installation is modular, allowing for easy reconfiguration when required. This flexibility is crucial as the client may need to adapt and resize the sortation systems in the future to accommodate changes in sortation volume and handling. AMezz's modular design allows the client to add or remove components according to your evolving needs. The system is flexible enough to accommodate a range of configurations, ensuring optimal space utilisation at all times.


By utilizing the space more efficiently, AMezz led to a reduction in costs by avoiding the need to acquire another place for the sortation system. This not only helped in saving money but also directly contributed to the company's bottom line.

Benefits to the client

Enhanced Productivity

The robust design of the mezzanine floor system minimises vibrations, leading to fewer sortation errors and improved productivity. The sortation systems can operate smoothly and efficiently without any disruptions caused by excessive vibrations.

Future flexibility

The modular nature of the system allows for easy resizing and reconfiguration as per the client's changing needs. This future-proofing capability ensures the client can adapt to fluctuations in sortation volume and handling requirements without significant disruptions or additional investments.