Design Capabilities

Our Products are designed conforming to the European Standards. Our Solutions are tested through FEA for structural rigidity and safety, thus producing designs which are safe and efficient. Our offerings for seismic and cold room/ sub-zero applications are well sought.

Our designs comply with:

  • FEM 10.2.02 – "The design of static steel pallet racking"
  • FEM 10.2.06/IS1986 – “Design of hand loaded static steel shelving system”
  • FEM 10.2.08 – “Design of static steel pallet racking for seismic applications”
  • EN15629 - Steel static storage systems - Specification of Storage equipment
  • EN15620: Steel static storage systems — Adjustable pallet 
  • Racking: Tolerances, deformations and clearances
  • EN 1993: Euro code 3 – "Design of steel structures"