Pallet Racking
Multi-purpose shelving
Long span mezzanine
Vertical storage systems

Pallet Racking

  • Highly versatile and is suitable for small, medium and large installations
  • Produced in three versions: light (L), medium (M) and
    heavy (P)
  • Ensures solutions to a vast range of needs, with the possibility to adjust the load capacity of the frames.
  • Guarantees an excellent combination of technical performance and economic benefits
  • The AM12 is more than just racking, rather it represents a system whose versatility and flexibility allow the creation of multiple storage solutions.
  • Complete, extremely versatile design, material and production methods
  • Assorted size configurations
  • Component standardization to facilitate rapid layout andinstallation
  • High modularity for future structure scalability
  • Lower assembly cost due to boltless beam-upright connection
  • Lower transportation cost due to bolted frame connections
Total Operator Comfort

Ergonomically designed handle for enhanced steering comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Modular drive unit, hydraulics and electronics ensure easy access for service.

Rider Comfort

Vibration damped stand-on platform (available in SP 22 only)

Quick Battery Change

Standard battery rollers for quick and effortless replacement.

Quick Battery Change

Easy accessibility for effortless replacement.

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