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Armes maini

Mezzanine Solutions

An industrial mezzanine system effectively increases the vertical space utilization of a warehouse. Our multi-tier mezzanines are suitable for storing items in cartons or bulk like gunny bags, rolls, etc. It is built considering simple integration properties that enable the designer or architect to create workspaces and offices or a space to perform other value- added activities.

Selective Pallet Racking System

Optimize warehouse efficiency with versatile Pallet Racking Systems by Armes Maini. Streamline order fulfilment by easy integration with existing systems. Boost the efficiency of your warehouse operations with our Pallet Racking solutions.

Armes maini
Armes maini

Semi Automated Solutions

Shuttle system
Shuttle racking system is suitable for bulk storage of homogeneous pallets and provides increased storage and flexibility for efficient pallet handling. A Radio Frequency controlled shuttle unit is used to deposit and retrieve the pallets from the system.
Shuttle pallet racking systems have several key features that make them efficient and suitable for certain warehouse and storage needs.

Automated Solutions

Vertical Lift Modules
Our custom-designed automated Vertical Lift Module (VLM) solutions are tailored to your needs. It ensures dynamic and efficient self-supporting solutions to increase your operational efficiency, maximize storage and reduce errors.

Armes maini
Armes maini

Special Solutions

Cantilever racking
Armes Maini designs and delivers custom Cantilever racking for various long parts storage applications. This helps in storage of long bulky and irregularly shaped items. It is designed to allow easy access to items without constraints in width of traditional pallet racking systems.

Multi-Tier Solutions

Talk to Armes Maini for the most versatile hand loading solution utilizing the maximum height of your warehouse. Armes Maini offer multi-tier solutions in shelving, long span and mezzanine systems. A large option of accessories make the system versatile and suitable for a variety of storage and handling applications.

Armes maini
Armes maini

Shelving Solutions

Maximise storage space with our Boltless System, allowing quick and hassle-free assembly. Customisable with various add-ons and decking surfaces for optimal organisation. Premium-grade steel construction ensures durability, safety, and efficient storage of items. Say goodbye to warehouse storage problems with Armes Maini.