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16,500 Pallets

Our client had an urgent requirement to set up a 16,500 pallets warehouse for a major third-party logistics (3PL) customer. They also wanted the warehouse operational within a record time of 2 months. 
The major obstacle encountered was a delay in the civil construction work, resulting in the site not being ready for installation of the racking system as planned.

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Client Requirement

The client had an urgent requirement to set up a 16,500-pallet warehouse for a major third-party logistics (3PL) customer. They also wanted the warehouse to be operational within a record time of 2 months.


The selected product for the warehouse was a selective pallet racking system with HD decking. This configuration was chosen to accommodate pallet loads efficiently while providing easy access to individual pallets. The solution was tailored to meet the client's specific requirements, ensuring optimal storage capacity and accessibility.

The Solution

We adopted a systematic approach and formed task teams responsible for specific activities for this time-sensitive project. We ensured efficient execution within the allotted time frame by assigning each task to dedicated teams. We also implemented multiple shifts and work fronts to accelerate progress.

We focused on a phase-wise installation strategy to mitigate the impact of the civil delay. We identified critical areas where racking installation could begin while the remaining construction work was being completed. This phased approach allowed for early customer handover of completed phases, enabling the client to initiate operations without waiting for the entire warehouse to be fully functional.

Benefits to the client

Avoiding Potential Losses

We achieved several positive outcomes by effectively managing the project and implementing the proposed solutions that directly impacted the client's bottom line. Despite the civil building delays, we successfully enabled the client to operationalise the distribution centre (DC) within the desired timeframe. This timely completion helped the client avoid potential losses due to delayed operations.

Cost Management

A shorter installation timeline allowed for better cost management. We were able to mitigate overhead costs for the client by accelerating the project. The efficient allocation of resources, multiple shifts, and phased installation approach helped optimise project timelines and reduce overall expenses.