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5,500 Shelving Levels

Armes Maini recently encountered a unique challenge presented by an e-commerce customer. The client urgently required the setup of a 5,500 shelving levels multi-tier system to handle a significant surge in their business operations.

This case study focuses on how we successfully addressed the client's requirements and overcame key obstacles to deliver an efficient and timely solution.

Armes maini

Client Requirement

The client approached Armes Maini with the pressing need for a quick installation of a multi-tier shelving system. The primary challenge was to set up the system within a remarkably short timeframe due to the client's business surge. Additionally, there was a strict deadline for the handover of the completed project, leaving no room for extensions.


We leveraged our expertise in modular storage solutions to propose the implementation of the D20 MTS (Multi-Tier Shelving) system. This innovative product offered several key advantages that would contribute to the quick installation and early start of operations for the client.

The Solution

Modular System: The Armes Maini D20 MTS system is a modular one, enabling rapid installation without compromising on quality or functionality. The system's modular components could be easily assembled, significantly reducing installation timelines, especially for large-scale projects like this one.

Phase-Wise Installation and Handover: To address the time constraints and non-extendable handover date, we adopted a phased approach to the installation process. By breaking down the project into manageable phases, the team could work efficiently and ensure early handover of certain sections to the client, enabling them to commence operations within five weeks.

Benefits to the client

Commencing Operations in Five Weeks

By implementing the Armes Maini D20 MTS system, the client could resume operations at their distribution centre within a remarkably short timeframe. This swift setup allowed the client to accommodate the surge in their business operations promptly.

Operational Efficiency

The innovative shelving system created by Armes Maini was able to cater to growing business needs while boosting operational efficiency for the client.