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Multi-Tier Storage System

Armes Maini was tasked with a mega project for a leading ecommerce player, which involved the design, manufacturing, and installation of a Ground + 4 Multi-Tier Storage system within a record time.

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Client Requirement

The client - a leading e-commerce player - tasked Armes Maini with a mega project that involved the design, manufacturing, and installation of a Ground + 4 Multi-tier Storage system within a short time.


The project involved the construction of a state-of-the-art warehouse with a capacity of 1 million cubic feet. Armes Maini was responsible for the design, manufacturing, and installation of a Ground + 4 Multitier Storage system that would optimise storage space and enhance operational efficiency for the client.

The Solution

We assembled a highly skilled workforce of 300 individuals who worked diligently at the project site. Additionally, the entire factory team collaborated seamlessly to ensure the timely and high-quality completion of the project. The successful execution of this mega project demonstrates Armes Maini's commitment to meeting customer requirements while upholding the highest standards of quality.


Record time

Despite the project's scale and complexity, Armes Maini accomplished the manufacturing and installation of the Ground + 4 Multi-Tier Storage system within a remarkable timeframe of 4 months. This expedited delivery showcased Armes Maini's efficiency and ability to meet tight deadlines.

Skilled workforce

The dedicated workforce of 300 personnel played a pivotal role in the project's success. Their expertise, commitment, and tireless efforts contributed to the seamless execution of the project, ensuring all quality standards were met.

Customer satisfaction

Our client expressed high satisfaction with the completed project. The implemented storage system provided the desired capacity and operational efficiency, empowering the client to optimise their warehousing operations and cater to the growing demands of their business.

Concurrent execution for retailing company

Building on the success of the ecommerce project, Armes Maini was entrusted by India's biggest retailing company to concurrently execute storage systems for their 3 fulfillment centers located in South and North India. This opportunity further demonstrated Armes Maini's capabilities in delivering projects that meet customer requirements, quality standards, cost constraints, and deadlines.


Armes Maini's successful execution of the mega ecommerce project and subsequent concurrent execution for a major retailing company highlights the company's commitment to scaling up and demonstrating its capabilities in taking on challenging projects. Armes Maini's ability to deliver high-quality solutions within tight timelines while surpassing customer expectations solidifies its position as a trusted and reliable partner in the warehousing and logistics industry.