Heavy Duty Boltless Shelving System Solution
Heavy Duty Boltless Shelving System Solution

Stainless Steel Shelving Rack

Introduction:Efficient storage systems require sophisticated solutions - be it light, medium or heavy duty shelving. Our advanced industrial shelving systems ensure optimization of warehouse space and increase in throughput. The heavy duty shelving units in particular, are suitable for items which are small, but voluminous in nature resulting in a larger surface area.


  • Boltless system.
  • Add-ons and accessories for various applications are available.
  • Options for different decking surfaces.
  • Options for different walkway surfaces (steel or wood) to suit varying walkway loads and needs.
  • Single or Multi-tier system.
  • Galvanized of Powder Coated finish options.


  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Versatility inheavy duty shelving applications.
  • Custom-made span and depth.
  • Height of levels can be adjusted
  • Can be integrated with goods lifts and chutes.
  • Design conforming to European Standards (EN).