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Mezzanine Solutions

An industrial mezzanine system effectively increases the vertical space utilization of a warehouse. Our multi-tier mezzanines are suitable for storing items in cartons or bulk like gunny bags, rolls, etc. It is built considering simple integration properties that enable the designer or architect to create workspaces and offices or a space to perform other value- added activities.

Armes maini


Modular design

AMezz's modular design allows you to add or remove components according to your evolving needs. The system is flexible enough to accommodate a range of configurations, ensuring optimal space utilization at all times.


Armes Maini AMezz can be customized for various applications. They can include office spaces, storage areas, production floors and additional work spaces depending on the application.

Cost effective

By utilizing your space more efficiently, AMezz can reduce costs and increase volume of storage.


The mezzanines are designed with portability in mind and can be easy reconfigured offering long term flexibility.

Safety features

Amezz comes with safety features like guard rails, toe guards, safety gates and staircases to ensure a safe mezzanine level for the people.

Environment friendly

The system is built using processes and materials which are environment friendly, ensuring sustainable space utilization.

Flooring Options

Various flooring options include metal panels, wood boards and gratings. The metal panels are of punched or closed design to enable use of trolleys and hand pallet trucks.



Most efficient way to increase your storage floor space without expanding the footprint, and utilizing the height available.


Manufacturing & assembly lines expansions.


Create Office spaces in warehouses without disturbing floor area operations. Ecom & fulfilment centers for mounting their sorters and conveyors and maximum utilization of height of warehouse.