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Multi-Tier Solutions

Talk to Armes Maini for the most versatile hand loading solution utilizing the maximum height of your warehouse. Armes Maini offer multi-tier solutions in shelving, long span and mezzanine systems. A large option of accessories make the system versatile and suitable for a variety of storage and handling applications.

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Armes Maini multi-tier shelving system are modular in design and can be easily assembled, disassembled and reconfigured. Users can adjust shelf levels in fixed increments or remove them to changing needs to accommodate different items.


The system can be customized for specific load and storage applications.


The system is versatile and available for a range of load capacities and can be used to store a variety of material in cartons, crates, bins, or loose parts.


Component accessories like dividers, partitions and cladding sheets enhances the utility of the shelving system. , Handling accessories like Vertical Reciprocating conveyors (VRC), chutes and gates enhances and optimizes the material flow for maximum benefit.,  Safety accessories like staircases, railings, kick plates & safety gates enhances the safety quotient and ensure as safe workplace for the people.

Strength & durability

Besides the ease of assembly, the shelving system is strong to carry the rated loads and made from virgin steel and finished in galvanized or epoxy powder coating finish for long service life.

Environment friendly

The system is built using processes and materials which are environment friendly thereby ensuring sustainable space utilization.

Flooring Options

Various flooring options include metal panels, wood boards and gratings. The metal panels are of punched or closed design and enable use of trolleys and hand pallet trucks.



Ecom warehouses & fulfilment centers


Retail warehouses


Cold stores


Manufacturing facilities for discrete RM & spares storage.


Archives & Records management


Automotive spare distribution centers