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Selective Pallet Racking System

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Selective Pallet Racking System

Optimize warehouse efficiency with versatile Pallet Racking Systems by Armes Maini. Streamline order fulfilment by easy integration with existing systems. Boost the efficiency of your warehouse operations with our Pallet Racking solutions.

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Each pallet in the system is accessible without moving any other pallet.


Armes Maini Pallet racking systems can accommodate a wide variety of loads and sizes.

Efficient space utilization

Maximize the storage in a given footprint of floor space with our layout designs.


Made from virgin steel and powder coated in a fully automated facility, our pallet racking system components are made to give you long service life.


Designed as per EN codes and equipped with features like beam locking pin, the beams are designed to prevent accidental unlocking from frames.


Modular in design, the system is easily expandable according to growing business needs.

Cost effective

Selective pallet racking system is the most cost effective way for storage of multiple SKUs in medium volume of storage.

Easy to setup

Armes Maini pallet racking systems are very easy to install and reconfigure if required.



Most basic way to store a pallet utilizing the warehouse height


Suitable for storage of large volume with multiple SKUs in medium qty


Were 100% accessibility to pallets is required


Cold storage applications


FIFO/LIFO to be maintained