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Shuttle system
Shuttle racking system is suitable for bulk storage of homogeneous pallets and provides increased storage and flexibility for efficient pallet handling. A Radio Frequency controlled shuttle unit is used to deposit and retrieve the pallets from the system.
Shuttle pallet racking systems have several key features that make them efficient and suitable for certain warehouse and storage needs.

Armes maini


Shuttle unit

The heart of the system is the shuttle carrier, a specialized handling equipment that moves within the racking system to transport the pallets. This is equipped with sensors and controls for safety and precise movement.

Remote control

The operator can control the shuttle unit using a remote controller allowing them to load and unload the pallets without entering the racking system. This enhances safety and efficiency.

Storage Density

Shuttle racking system is designed for high density storage utilizing deep lane storage principal thereby utilizing the area available to the maximum.

Customizable shape and size

The racking system can be configured for various pallet sizes and weights as per customers need

FIFO & LIFO options

The system can be configured to work both for First In First Out (FIFO) & Last In Last Out (LIFO) principle of storage.

Wireless communication

The shuttle unit can communicate wirelessly to the central control unit and WMS systems thereby updating events on real-time.


The shuttle systems incorporate safety features based on sensors and controls to detect obstacles and prevent collisions, ensuring the protection of goods and equipment


Armes Maini Shuttle pallet racking systems are modular and can be expanded or reconfigured to accommodate changing storage requirements as per growth needs.

Inventory Management

The system can be integrated with existing warehouse management software (WMS) to provide accurate inventory tracking and management capabilities

High Throughput

The systems are designed for high-throughput operations, making them ideal for warehouses with a significant volume of goods to handle.

Redundancy and backup

Some systems can be configured to offer redundancy options, such as multiple shuttle carriers, to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of a failure of a single unit.



Suitable for Large volume with limited number of SKUs FMCG companies


Bulk Food storage


Beverage production & distribution


Cold storage applications


As a more safe storage upgrade to existing drive-in/drive-through racking application