Vertical Storage & Retrieval System


armesmaini VS/RS

Vertical Storage & Retrieval System

Introduction: A vertical storage and retrieval system (VS/RS) with a modular design can solve problems relating to poor utilization of floor space, productivity and inventory management. VERTIMAG works with the Goods-to-Man principle, making it the ideal VS/RS for handling materials of every size, weight and dimension. It comes with a considerable vertical extension and can also be designed to have more than one workstation on the same machine


Flexible arrangement with 25mm step.

Choice of various tray sizes and loads per tray suiting your needs

Can be integrated with any ERP system for real-time inventory.

In-built intelligence to maximize storage.

Provision for multi-user.

Can be installed indoors and outdoors



Optimizes space utility, timing, work cycles, human resources, production and storage needs

Automates operations.

Keeps a check on stock pilferage

Provides higher throughput

Design conforming to European Standards (EN).