Selective Pallet Racking systems (Single & Double Deep)

Pallet Racking System

Selective Pallet Racking systems (Single & Double Deep)

Introduction: For over a decade, Armes Maini has been a leader in industrial storage solutions. Our Single Deep and Double Deep racking systems provide increased flexibility by allowing 100% accessibility to each pallet. Our pallet racking systems are suitable for storing unitized load (various types and sizes of pallets) and a large variety of SKUs. With our advanced system design, analysis and execution, we provide highly durable and dynamic industrial racking that will help scale your warehouse and workspace efficiency.


Highly versatile system suitable for varying pallet sizes and loads.

Flexible system to adjust varying heights depending on the type of pallets.

Suitable for warehouses of various sizes, and heights i.e., low to tall heights (up to 30m) of warehouses.

Basic pallet racking systems can be used with accessories for specific storage – e.g. Drum storage, and Die storage.


Design conforms to European Standards (EN).

Extremely versatile design. Seismic-resistant design can also be offered.

Assorted size configurations.

Component standardization to facilitate rapid layout and installation.

High modularity for scalability of the structure in future.

Lower assembly cost due to boltless beam-upright connection

Lower transportation cost due to bolted frame connections.

Galvanized or Powder Coated finish options.