Vertical Storage & Retrieval System
Vertical Storage & Retrieval System

Vertical Storage & Retrieval System

Introduction: A vertical storage and retrieval system (VS/RS) with a modular design can solve problems relating to poor utilization of floor space, productivity and inventory management. VERTIMAG works with the Goods-to-Man principle, making it the ideal VS/RS for handling materials of every size, weight and dimension. It comes with a considerable vertical extension and can also be designed to have more than one workstation on the same machine


  • Flexible arrangement with 25mm step.
  • Choice of various tray sizes and loads per tray suiting your needs
  • Can be integrated with any ERP system for real-time inventory.
  • In-built intelligence to maximize storage.
  • Provision for multi-user.
  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Environment-friendly.


  • Optimizes space utility, timing, work cycles, human resources, production and storage needs
  • Automates operations.
  • Keeps a check on stock pilferage
  • Provides higher throughput
  • Provision for multi-user.
  • Design conforming to European Standards (EN).